JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Cecil Roth vital records catalogue #general

Harold Pollins <pollins@...>

Your request is somewhat obscurely phrased and I thought at first you were
talking of demographic statistics, not known as a Roth speciality. You
might try searching the bibliography of Roth's publications in Remember
the Days: Essays in Honour of Cecil Roth, edited by J.M. Shaftesley, 1966.
This details, at pages 352-387, the 572 published writings of his, from
1920 up to that date. Since he was so prolific and did not die for another
4 years the actual list is longer.

Harold Pollins
Oxford England

Where can I get my mits on the Cecil Roth catalogue of vital records,
taken >from London synagogue records up to 1872?
Ben Elton

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