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Alice Faye Yezarski <ayezarski@...>

YEZARSKY>Vilnius, Lithuania>West Hazelton, PA, USA 1890
DROBNUS>Vilnius, Lithuania>West Hazelton, PA, USA 1890

I am trying to find out if my husband's paternal grandparents listed above
have Jewish related names. In reading articles posted at this web site,
"Ha Magid- 1871-1872," and "Ha Melitz 1893-1903" donors >from Lithuania
I found the name YEZERSKI listed as a donor in both articles.

I have had difficulty in finding the surname YEZARSKY posted in any data
bases in the past. I am confident the spelling changed when my husband's
grandparents came to America, and have been unable to find out the
origin of the name or the original spelling.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Alice Yezarski
Morehead City, NC

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