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The testimonies which contain also the victims' last requests and last
regards to possible surviving relatives, were published in Hebrew, as
a personal venture of Mrs. Ester Reiss >from Jerusalem in a booklet
named: "Chelmno". They were translated to English by Ada Holtzman,
together with the introduction of Shmuel Krakowski and Ilia Altman
from Yad Vashem.

Further to the email of Daniel Wagner I wish to add some notes and the index.
Last October I started translating this unique document which contains
the last testimonies of the last prisoners of Chelmno, recording the
horrors taken place in the first death camp Chelmno.
For months and months I couldn't complete it, being too hard for my nerves,
and too difficult to touch. It is the SHOA itself. A rare document, written
by the last prisoners, who knew they are doomed as well, as witnessed
the most horrible crime ever committed by the Germans against the Jewish
people. I myself lost in this death camp 16 uncles and aunts, 13 nephews
and nieces, 2 grandparents and one great grandfather, as well as hundreds(!)
of other relatives >from my parents hometown Gombin (Gabin) and Lodz.

My most desired wish is that any of the relatives mentioned in the
pages of the last testimonies, will be located through the internet,
using this media, in a delay of 53-55 years though... (SNIP)

See the document posted at my web site:

I also posted another page with two other testaments of the last prisoners of
Chelmno. Contact me for the index of the victims and their possible surviving relatives,
in both documents and the places mentioned.

Ada Holtzman

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