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Judith Romney Wegner

Ellie Weld wrote:
>I have just discovered, >from a marriage authorisation, that my grandmother's
Hebrew name was Etil. Her English name was Matilda, so I can see some
connection, but I should like to know more about the Hebrew name. Charles
Tucker, who sent me the authorisation, translated the Hebrew bit referring
to the name as The Virgin Etil;
The words "The virgin" here translates the Hebrew term "ha-betulah", which
is a standard way of referring to the bride's "status on the eve of
marriage", as you rightly put it. It distinguishes her >from an almanah
(widow) or gerushah (divorcee).

The name Etil looks like a variant of the quite common name Ettl (= Ethel).
It often goes with Yetta or Yetti, which in turn sometimes reflects the
Hebrew name Esther.

Judith Romney Wegner

MODERATOR NOTE: Response abbreviated to essential facts, due to lack of space.

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