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Allison L Duke <allison.duke@...>

Disregard the page with the credit card info. If you read further it
does say you can send a check or money order. I requested one the
beginning of June and just now got it back about a week ago.

Allison Duke
Auburn, Ga

On Tue, 8 Sep 1998 17:25:18 -0400 "David Gershon Leventhal"
<David_Gershon@INAME.COM> writes:

Hello all,

I wrote to the SSDI back in June, requesting information on
someone. I provided the SS#, etc., but following
instructions I received >from other people, and the JGen FAQ,
I did not send any money. Sometime during the summer, I got
a letter claiming that I need to pay in advance, and not
with a cheque or money, but with a credit card. Is that
normal? Did they just change their policy? Anyone who has
successfully gotten info in the past half-year, please let
me know how it worked with you.


David Gershon Leventhal
Canton, Michigan / Herzliyya, Israel

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