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You do have to send payment with your request, either $7 if you know the
SS# or $16.50 if you don't. I have always sent a check, I would not send
them a credit card #, however possibly they told you that since you are
not in the US, in which case possibly you could get a money order in US

Requests take about 2-3 months to obtain, tho I have heard of a few
people who send it to the correct address and get it within 4 weeks. The
Social Security Administration consolidated two buildings in Feb of 98
to better handle the enormous amount of requests they were getting, so
many wrong addresses are still floating around.

Up to date information on how to do this, including the correct address
to send to (the new feature on Ancestry which generates a letter to send
gives an incorrect address ) is on my Helpful Hints webpage (url below).
That site also has other helpful information on searching passenger
lists and an easy way to get naturalization records by emailing the NARA
branch of the state of the person you are searching.

Maura mpetzolt2@...
Helpful Hints for Successful Searching

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