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Trying to determine level of interest in transliterating LDS records for
Wizna, Poland.

Wizna is located in Lomza Gubernia, near Lomza. Wizna is centered and
surrounded on all sides by some important Jewish towns of the area. So
surely there are overlaps with families >from many of those nearby towns.

Wizna is -
6.7 miles SSE of Jedwabne
7.2 miles NNW of Rutki
12.5 miles NNW of Kulesze Koscielne
12.5 miles E of Lomza and Piatnica
13.8 miles S of Radzilow
15.0 miles SE of Stawiski
15.4 miles SW of Trzcianne
15.9 mile NNE of Zambrow
16.5 miles W of Tykocin
20.3 miles NNW of Wysockie Mazowiecke
21.5 miles E of Nowogrod
23.8 miles SE of Kolno
24.7 miles SW of Goniadz
25.5 miles S of Szczuczyn

Please E-Mail me privately if you are willing to help with any of the
1) Making copies of the LDS indexes
2) Transliterating those indexes
3) Making a small donation to cover the costs of copying/mailings/etc....

Database entry is already taken care of.

Looking forward to hear >from any and all volunteers.

Jose Gutstein

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