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A. E. Jordan

Carol Skydell replies to my offer/request regarding the Hoboken Census:

" One needs to understand several things about city directories in
order to put them into proper perspective.... city directories were compiled
several months before the end of the year * prior* to the year of
publication...and even with that....the directory may be printing an old
address.... did the state of NJ do a census in

Thanks Carol for your reply and you are very right about city directories
being an inexact science. I checked the 1909-1910 and the 1910-1911 and so on
as well as earlier ones and the names and addresses in the city directories do
not line up with the US Census (Federal). Hence my street by street search of
the likely places in Hoboken to find my family.

By the way NJ did do state census for 1895, 1905, 1915 that I know of (not
checked other dates because those would be the only appropriate years for my
family) but >from looking quickly at the 1895 NJ cenus it is a big separate
task. Not had the time yet to look at the 1905 and 1915 census. (FYI for New
Yorkers you can find the NJ state census at the New York Public Library.)

My offer stands if anyone can look on pages they might have for the family
names JORDAN, JOSEPH, LOWENTHAL, PRICE or LUBASCH I would be happy to do the
same on the 1910 Federal Census for Hoboken, NJ pages that I already have.

Also thanks to everyone who already responded to me and I will get back to you
personally just as quickly as I can.

Allan Jordan

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