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Judith Romney Wegner

Subject: Children saved >from WWII by going to England

During WWII, some German Jewish children were saved by being sent to England
and being adopted there. Can anyone tell me if (1) the Jewish children from
Poland may have been involved in such a plan, and (2) if there is an
organization that can be contacted regarding the possible whereabouts of
these children.
You are referring to the Kindertransport children (my husband was one).
This initiative, made possible by a vote of the British Parliament, saved
10,000 children (mostly, but not all, Jewish) in 1938-39. Most came from
Germany, Austria or Czechoslovakia. Today, many belong to organizations
like the Reunion of Kindertransport (founded in London in 1989) or the
Kindertransport Association (founded in USA in 1990).

In general, Polish children were not involved in the Kindertransports. The
trains left >from Vienna, Berlin, and Prague. Nor were the
Kinderstransport children, in general, adopted. They were placed in foster
homes and hostels. No doubt some may have been ultimately adopted by those
who sheltered them, but certainly not the majority, whose placement in
homes, hostels, and boarding schools was supervised by the Jewish Board of
Guardians in London.

To determine whether any Kindertransport children were of Polish origin,
try writing to Kurt Goldberger, President, Kindertransport Association, 36
Dean Street, Hicksville NY 11801, or to Bertha Leverton, President, Reunion
of Kindertransport, 1 Hampstead Gate, 1a Frognal, London NW3 6AL.

Judith Romney Wegner

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