Rosenheim - Hirschwigg - Ask help locating two towns #germany

Dora Donis

Dear Gersiggers,
I am hoping someone will be able to tell me where are these towns?

Rosenheim Hirschwigg

I am researching surname KESTLER and have been told to look in these places.
Thank you.

Dora M. Donis-Kestler Houston, Texas

MODERATOR NOTE: "Shtetl-seeker" is one of the many excellent tools offered to
you by JewishGen at no charge.

At the GerSig Website (URL in footer below) you will find other geography
tools on the "Resources" page. The free email German town locator service
is one of these. It has been described very many times in this Forum and it
works quickly, also at no charge. MOD1

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