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rachelb wrote:

Could anyone verify for me whether DABROWA or DOMBROWA are the same
place.According to the JGFF or Shtetlfinder they are, but according to
my father DOMBROWA was a suburb or village close to TARNOW

Anybody got some insight into this?.
Rachel Ben-Eliezer


A proper Polish word is DA,BROWA (oak wood). Polish a, ("a" with the
tail) is pronounced as nasal "o", hence Dabrowa is pronounced as
[Dohn broh vah]. There are virtually hundreds of Polish villages named
Da,browa, Da,browka, De,bice, De,bno, De,bowe, De,by and so on.
The largest know Da,browa is industrial city Dabrowa Gornicza, (ex
Russian Empire territory) which next to neighboring towns of Zawiercie,
Bedzin and Sosnowiec formed Zaglebie Region with large Jewish population
prior to W.W.II. (The main heroes of tragic comic book "Maus" are from
this region).

How Da,browa became known as archaic Dombrowa? Russians have replaced
nasal Polish "a," with nearest sounding "om" in Cyrillic, and Austrians
used "Dabrowa" (without the tail in 'a'.
Jewish people have also adopted name Dombrowa (e.g.. main Jewish
communist spy during W.W.II in Belgium, chief of organization "Red
Orchestra" (Rouge Orchestre), Leopold Trepper used pseudonym "Domb". He
was originally >from Da,browa (Dombrowa) Gornicza.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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