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JimYarin <jimyarin@...>

Judith Romney Wegner sorted out some answers regarding the originally query
below. Indeed, Rebecca (REIMER) and Max DAMESEK actually had double given
Jewish names of Sarah Rivka and Itzik Mendel. Assuming that your search of the
arrival indexes were not otherwise flawed (eg, they arrived after the beginning
date of the index (I recall its 1903); they arrived at NY port; you searched
their Jewish names of Rivka (and its variants) and Mendel (and its variants),
you need to search again under their using THEIR OTHER GIVEN NAMES (AND ALL OF

Sarah is not so tough; all of the variants should be listed in the S's
together. Itzik, however, is tough, since there are many spelling variants,
some which can be spelled with an A, E, J or Y, eg Aizik, Eizik, Jcek, or

I confused about alternative spellings of surnames on the Jewish side of
my family. (SNIP)
Peter Blood
Somerville, MA

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