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Barry Megdal <bmegdal@...>

I am glad to be able to announce that the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
project now has records online for Hrubieszow.&nbsp; The birth and death
records are for the years 1877-1890, while the marriage records are for

<P>These records can be accessed at&nbsp; <A HREF="";>Jewish
Records Indexing - Poland</A> , and represent a small step to our goal
of getting all of the Hrubieszow records indexed.

<P>If you are interested in Hrubieszow, and are not on my Hrubieszow mailing
list please contact me by email so you can be added&nbsp; (if you are on
the list you got another, longer message >from me).

Barry Megdal
Pasadena, CA

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