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Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

Peter Blood asks:
Where does one find people to do a obituary lookup when all
that >is known is the name, place and date of death, but not the
specific newspaper? What sources are at my disposal?
Since you know the place of death, you would look at the
reference volume at your local public library called Gale
Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media which will give
you a list of newspapers published in the city/town which you
have as the place of death. If the person died in a small
town, the likelihood of an obit, or at least a small article
about the death is good. If the event took place in a large
city, and the person was not especially prominent, the
likelihood of an obit is practically nil.....but large city
newspapers usually publish death notices supplied by (and
charged for) by the funeral home.

Your options then are to either write or telephone the newspaper
"morgue clerk" or ask for help on this forum for somebody to
check it out in a local library.

Large city newspapers are often available on microfilm and
through the InterLoan Library system.

Carol Skydell
Chilmark MA

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