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Mary Katzman <maryfloy@...>

When I came of age, I noticed that the name and address
of each voter was posted at the entrance to the polling place. Crooked
politicians would hire people to go >from precinct to precinct...
Al Rosenfield
Voters lists are still posted at the entrance, no identification is
required to prove you are who you say you are, nor do you have to sign
anything that says you have voted. A volunteer sits at a table and just
checks off that you've voted. I've questioned this policy several times
and asked how they know who I say I am. The response is "we trust you". I
also find it an invasion of privacy to have the list of voters public in
that way. Not that I care if people know I'm a registered voter, but
because it lets everyone know whether or not their neighbors are. That's
nobody's business.

Personally, I now use the absentee ballot to vote.

Mary Floy Katzman
Framingham, Massachusetts

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