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Stephen Mednick <cssaus@...>

You normally write to the Superintendent Registrar and
enclose a stamped, addressed envelope. (...) I believe they
prefer that cheques be paid in sterling, drawn
on a bank with branches in or with arrangements with banks
located in the UK; it need not be a British bank.
Harold Pollins

It's now possible to pay by either Mastercard or Visa which of course is
much more convenient for people outside of the UK. Sure beats the hassle
of trying to arrange bank dafts etc.

When placing your request, you need to ensure that you provide the card
number, name on the card and the card's expiry date. Of course if you're
paranoid about giving out your credit details you're going to have to
use the traditional methods of paying which I'm sure will less
convenient and more costly than using a credit card.

Stephen Mednick
Sydney, Australia
MEDNICK (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)
SACHS/SACKS (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)

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