JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Searching Yitchuck Gutvein #general


Dear Jewishgenners,

In message #10, Sept.17, 1998, Gayle Riley asked about finding Yitchuck
Gutvein, the author of "Memory of my Shtetl, Dzkow." I can't help her with
that search except to tell her to write to Elsa Drezner who just might know,
since she lives in France and only a month ago asked Jewishgenners about the
book. Perhaps she has learned about the author and his family since then. Her
email address is

Ms. Riley also asked whether there is a Yizkor book on Tarnobrzeg. There
is, as I wrote in my response to Ms. Drezner's Jewishgen message. It is:

Kehilat Tarnobrzeg-Dzikow (Galicia ha-ma-aravit) [The Community of Tarnbrez-
Dzikow (Western Galicia)]. Ed Yaakov Yehoshua Fleishder. Tel Aviv: Tarnobrzeg-
Dzikow Society, 1973, 379 pp., illus.

Naomi Fatouros

BELKOWSKY of Tel-Aviv, Odessa, Kiev, Moscow, Berdichev; LEVY, WEIL, WILLARD
of Mulhouse, Altkirch, Seppois le Bas, Alsace; FELDMAN of "Chelsetz?" (
Kulczyce or Kulchitse or Kulcici?), near L'viv; MEEROVNA of Berdichev(?);
RAPPAPORT or RAPOPORT of Jaffa, Palestine, Podvolochisk and Ternopil; SAS, of
Podwolochisk; ROTHSTEIN, LIBERMAN >from Kiev and Moscow; ZUSMAN or SUSSMAN of
Tel-Aviv and Odessa.

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