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Dear fellow JewishGenners-
As one who is completely addicted to my daily dose of the JewishGen
Discussion and has benefited >from the kindness, knowledge and
willingness to assist others demonstrated by an overwhelming number of
subscribers to this group, I would like to reiterate a point recently
made by one of the members of the Rules Review Committee - (I believe it
was Carol Skydell, but apologize if this is incorrect). Posting a query
or message to the Discussion Group should be done only after exhausting
the many resources that most of us have access to, both on-line and
Certainly, not everybody is aware of all the resources available to
researchers but at the very least, it is incumbent upon each and
everyone of us to check the database archives first for previous
postings of the same or similar topic. I believe this should also be
the case for responses: if the question has already been asked and you
still wish to respond/help the person who posted the query then respond
privately. Not every posting about Dov Ber/Beryl/Bernard/Barry needs to
be answered publicly.
There are rules and guidelines concerning this discussion group which
appear at the addresses listed below. All of us are ultimately after
the same goal, the novice and the well-seasoned researcher alike, and no
one can do your research better than yourself. This includes the often
wonderful, knowledgeable and generous-beyond-belief responses derived
from this discussion group.
Best regards for successful research in the New year,

David Snyder, Tel-Aviv

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