JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Why Belarussian Jewish migrated to Yaketrinoslav/Ukraine? #general

Herut Shlomoff <heruts@...>

Hello friends,

At the Belarus SIG running now a discussion about that subject.
Some friends told about their ancestries that left Belarus to
Yaketrinoslav and try to find out what was the reasons.

May I bring that issue to you all and ask for your wise and experienced

My personal story is that my great-grandparents - Henya (Pevsner)
(born 1860) and Benedet Orshansky (born 1843) - both >from Rechitsa,
Belarus - after they got married, moved to Yaketrinoslav.
Benedet was a wealthy wood-merchant.
1890-1 - with the inspiration of the Zionist movement "Chovevey Zion" -
they left, with their 5 small children, to Gedera, the new settlement in Palestine.

Once I was told, that a Russian law did not allow Jews to migrate to Yaketrinoslav. Only with few exceptions.

Thanks in advance,
Herut Shlomoff, Israel
Searching: ORSHANSKY, PEVZNER/Recitsa, Belarus & Yaketrinoslav,Ukraine
KAPAROVSKY/Rechitsa & Gomel, Belarus
ROSENBLUM/Skbira & Simferopol, Ukraine
GERSHENGORN/Kherson, Ukraine

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