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Dear Jewishgenners,

Yesterday the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) called me
about my request for my grandpa's naturalization.

His yiddish name is Berl Grabina or Grebiner, and American names were
Ben Greenberg and finally by 1917 Barney Greenberg. I enclosed a copy of
his passenger manifest, World War I draft registration and death

His wife's name is Gertrude Greenberg and children are Hymen, Minnie and
Jack and they lived in Minneapolis, MN.

The woman said she had a naturalization for a Berl Grabin, wife Sara. I
asked about children, she said "Isadore." I said, no.

Where did he live, "Rochester, NY."

I asked whether they searched all the names I gave.

"Yes, Berl Grabina, Berl Grebiner, Ben Greenberg, Barney Greenberg. We
only found one. He did not naturalize."

I then asked her to look at the manifest, "What about the numbers?"
She said they look like the National Archives wrote them.

So the numbers aren't >from the INS.

Now what? Is my mother an alien?

She has a passport and she votes. I have a passport and I vote. (Aliens
cannot vote in US elections.)

Most important, his wife, Gertrude Greenberg, voted. I know because she
told me how she did. She couldn't read or write so she took one of my
young cousins with her into the voting booth who evidently read the
ballot to her.

Did she naturalize? The 1910 census said "PA" papers filed, the 1920
census says "NA 1917" naturalized? Phooey.

Wives didn't naturalize in their own names until 1922.

I don't know for sure where he was born or when.
Did they look hard enough?

I already tried to get his Social Security application with no luck.
Voter's registration seems out of the question. WWI draft registration
didn't ask for birthplace.

Now what? Any suggestions?

Paul Fisher
Atlanta, Georgia

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