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The male line down to my paternal grandfather's maternal grandfather is as
follows with one or two obvious discrepancies regarding dates. It was
compiled by my cousin in Sydney, Australia, so if you have any corrections
or confirmations regarding dates we would be most appreciative.

Abraham Hacohen 15?-1594 Porto, Italy
Yechiel Cohen Rapaport 15?-1577 Porto, Italy
Gershon Gerstl Hacohen Rapoport 1538-1584 Porto, Italy Vienna
Simcha b. Gershon Hacohen(Rapa) Portrapa 1555-1635 Porto, Italy Vienna
Meir Hacohen Rapoport c1600-1659 Vienna, Chelm or Lublin, Poland
Nachman Rapoport c1625-? Lublin, Poland Dubno Poland
Moshe Meir Rapoport c1650-1680 Lvov, Poland
Baruch Abraham ben Meir Kahana Rapoport 1668-1746 Poland Furth, Germany
Zvi Hirsch Rapoport Kohn 17?-1763 Wallerstein
Loeb Kohn 17?-17? Wallerstein Kleinerdlingen, Bavaria
Abraham Kohn 17?-?
Loeb Kohn 17?-?
Itzig Hirsch Kohn 18?-1871 Kleinerdlingen
Rabbi Mordecai Michael Kohn 1822-1888 Kleinerdligen

Nick Landau

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