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This is another line which goes back to another rabbi. Again, it was
compiled by my cousin in Sydney, Australia, so if you have any corrections
or confirmations regarding dates we would be most appreciative.

Rabbi of Hammelburg -c1670 Poland, Hammelburg
Son of Rabbi of Hammelburg
Baal Shem of Hammelburg, Bavaria
Isak Loeb Rosenbaum -1810 Hammelburg, Kleinsteinach, Theilheim
Mendel Rosenbaum 1782-1868 Theilheim, Zell am Main
Sekel (Pinchas) Rosenbaum 17?-1865 Theilheim, Bavaria
Voegel Weiskopf (nee Rosenbaum) 1805-1888 Theilheim, Bavaria Wurzburg
married Rabbi David Weiskopf 1798-1882 Wurzburg
Judith Kohn (nee Weiskopf) 1828-1916 Wurzburg Kleinerdlingen Ansbach
married Rabbi Mordecai Michael Kohn 1822-1888 Wursburg Kleinerdlingen
Chajo Landau (nee Kohn) 1853-1937 Kleinerdlingen, Bavaria London, England
married Marcus (Mordecai) Israel Landau 1837-1913 Gomel, Mogilev, Russia

Nick Landau
London, England

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