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Dr. Jean Henley was a renowned anesthesiologist. She was born in 1908 in the US
and it is unknown when she passed away. She was sent to Russia with a team of
anesthesiologists. Prior to becoming a doctor, she lived in Paris for a couple
years where she was an assistant to a dentist who made false teeth.

Jean Henley (Eugene Henley and Helen Guthman's daughter) lived at Cleftrock
RFD#2, Ridgefield, Connecticut and her phone number was 1-203-438-6453.
However, the residence at this telephone number told me that Jean (they think)
died in about 1993 at the age of 85 which is when they bought the residence.

They did not know where she died.

To my knowledge, Jean never married.

Does anyone have any information about Dr. Jean Henley or suggestions on how I
can find out more?? I am stuck.

Rich Sinykin

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