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Bernard Kouchel <koosh@...>

Missing Person:

Samuel J. (Yitzhak Sholem) MALBIN, SSN 521-18-2431
Son of Max (rsd. NY >from 1915 on) and Dora (rsd. CO) MALBIN.
Born 1908, Savannah GA, rsd there through 1916.
Resided 1916-1924 at Denver Sheltering Home for Jewish Children;
c1926 he worked briefly at relative Lou Lehrman's NY gas station;
1937 was in business of 2nd-hand goods, per Denver City Directory.

In 1938 (age 30) he left Denver CO, heading to Sacramento CA and was
never heard >from again. Various searches over the years have been
futile. Any leads appreciated. Reply to:
Bernard I. Kouchel

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