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Valerie Langfield <adm@...>

I am researching the English composer Roger Quilter (1877-1953).

In the 1930s, he helped an Austrian Jewish scientist, Dr Rudolf Stern,
and his family, get out of Vienna; I don't know by what means. I am told
that he was put on a Nazi blacklist for doing so, and for helping other
Jews to get out (though exactly _how_ he helped them, I cannot find out;
nor can I find out who else he helped). They came to London, where he
supported them financially for some time.

Dr Stern had a daughter, Harriet, who married the Count de Gebhard. They
had two sons, one of whom was called Roger, after Quilter. I am told
that eventually they settled in France, although for some intervening
time, I believe they lived somewhere in the far East.

I cannot trace them in France, having searched the nobility archives,
and having received extremely friendly help >from the Association
d'Entraide de la Noblesse Francaise. Nor are they in the phonebook!

I have absolutely no idea what happened to them, but I am very anxious
to trace them, since - assuming Roger de Gebhard is still alive (his
mother is not) - they may have invaluable information that they may be
willing to share, including knowledge of other Jews that he helped.

A remote chance - but can anyone help, please?

Valerie Langfield

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