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Odette BAGNO was engaged in 1939 to Andre KRAUSZ .
He had prepared all the documents for their marriage.
But he was killed in France at the Marne battle in 1940.
Of course she could not be considered as a widow.
The family KRAUSZ (Hermann, Erzebeth and children) was living
in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary in 1939 except two brothers : Andre who
was killed in 1940, and another brother, Zoltan, was a sailor on
an English boat called "The KELET" .
He was interned as a war prisonner in Ottawa at the beginning of the war.

Then she knew that he tried to find her in 1942 but she did not want
to give her address to the Red Cross. After the war, she could not find
him anymore.

Now a pensioner, she is trying to find Zoltan KRAUSZ more than ever.
Eventually other members of the family if they escaped >from the Shoa.

Please, try to help her. Thank you !

Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi, Paris, France
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