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Rica Goldberg

As we all know, this genealogy research can become quite a soul destroyer;
but as we are told, we must keep trying. So here goes - I am trying once

The Levy family I am dealing with is a New York one so perhaps someone out
there can help me, or better than that, maybe I will strike it lucky. And
this Levy family is a famous one too, as one of its members a certain Abraham
LEVY was a New York lawyer at the "turn of the century" who prosecuted in an
murder case. It was called The Nan Patterson Case and the film "A Girl on a
Red Velvet Swing" with Joan Collins is reputed to be loosely based on it.

Abraham Levy, born in London in May 1861 was taken to USA in about 1868/9 by
his parents with two older sisters Sarah & Becky and brother Israel born 1863
in London. I have found the present day descendants of Abraham and his
brother Israel. But Abraham had other siblings born in New York. Louis,
Benny, Harry, Mamie and Dora. Dora was born approximately 1878. I think that
Sarah and Becky each married a man by the name of BRINN and HARRIS (possibly

In approx 1875 Abraham aged nearly 14 and his siblings went to live in Rutgers
Place , N.Y. After trying and trying again and writing to the Law Society etc
in New York I eventually found his present-day descendant and eventually got
to meet her. She gave me the name of Israel's present-day descendant and after
a few years of corresponding I recently had a visit >from her in our home,
which was most enjoyable and we felt so very comfortable with her. However,
neither of these people know the present-day descendants of the other
siblings. Abraham died in 1920 and his obituary appeared in the New York
times in 1920 and it said he was 58 years old, so presumably he died sometime
between January and May 1920. Possibly his Will might give the name of his
married sisters if he left anything to them but for me to try to trace his
Will is extremely difficult as I live in Manchester England. Without it being
too presumptuous of me, is there anyone out there who could help me in this

Rica Goldberg (Mrs)
Manchester, England

Researching: KAMINSKY (possibly KAMENSHCHIK) >from Yanova nr Kovno, Lithuania;
DIAMOND (possibly DIAMONT or DIMONT) >from Kovno, Lithuania;
COHEN - a glazier >from Poland; Chaim ESTRY >from Poland; GOLDBERG (possibly
Shloozitel) >from Kovno, Lithuania.

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