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Howard M. Relles <rellesh@...>

10 Meinhardt females were born in NYC >from 1934 to 1944 (according to
the NYC Index of Births in the New York Public Library). Two of these
would be my second cousins; their father would be Edward Meinhardt; I
don't know their mother's name. Assuming, as is usual, that the
father's name is listed on the Birth Certificates, I should be able to
identify which are my cousins >from these. But according to the person I
spoke to at the Bureau of Records and Statistics of the Dept. of Health
for NYC (125 Worth St., NY, NY 10013; 212-788-4520), I cannot see these
records or even ask them to check for which would have Edward as the
father unless I can first prove that I am related (perhaps even that I
am the parent) to the child. But I can't prove which ones I'm related
to until I find which have Edward for the father. Have I hit a dead
end? Any suggestions?
Dr. Howard M. Relles
Schenectady, NY

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