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Barbara L. Sieving <Sieving@...>

I have had many family members who were not "famous". I have
found an obit for almost every family member whom lived in NYC in
the NY Times. Once I have figured out the day they died I check
the NY Times obits 3 days following their death. Nine times out
of ten I find them. Most of the time the obit tells me very
little that I did not already know. I have made copies of them
for my records. I had a family member die September 7, 1904 and
I could not find is obit....I was reading the paper for that day
(it was small in those days) and found an article about his
death...he committed suicide in a bar on Columbus Av....a family
secret uncovered. If a family member died of unusual may even find an article about them.
The following papers were alive and well in NYC during the
indicated dates:
Brooklyn Eagle (1880-1934), New York Hearld Tribune (1850-1950),
NY Sun (1880-1950), NY World (1880-1931), NY Hearld (1880-1923),
NY Tribune (1880-1923)and of course the NY Times. The only paper
that is commonly held in public libraries and universities is the
NY Times. You may be able to get microfilm of these other papers
from a public library in NYC...or inter library loan. I do not
know if any of these papers have their obits indexed.

Hope this info helps someone,
Barbara Sieving
Colorado Springs, CO


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