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Gabor Zsolnay <gmz262@...>

In June I posted queries about a reunion of child survivors of the
Holocaust who were German and Austrian children in 1940 sent to a Brussel's
Children's Home and then fled to Southern France to escape the advancing
Nazi forces. They were called " The Children of La Hille." Some
JewGenners even helped locate some of the child survivors.

The very emotional reunion took place in July in Chicago, IL and was taped
by the Learning Channel for a series entitled "REUNIONS". In case anyone
is interested, the show about the reunion of the child survivors will air
next week in the US and Canada. Here is the information:

Reunion of the "Children of La Hille".
On the TV series "REUNIONS" on the Learning Channel on Cable.
1:30pm EST on Wednesday October 7th in the US and in Canada.
Repeated ~5 more times throughout the year.

If you watch the show and then think you know of someone else who was a
child survivor of La Hille, contact reunion organizer Walter REED/Werner
RINDSBERG in care of me: gmz262@...


Carol Adler Zsolnay at gmz262@...

P.S. A poignant post script. One attendee to the reunion was the director
of the orphanage who ensured the safety of the children >from Belgium to
France. He was now a frail man in his late 80s who flew in >from Berlin for
4 days to see "his children", against doctor's orders. He made quite an
impact at the reunion as you will see if you watch the show. Sadly, on
Sept 11th he died in Berlin due to complications >from surgery for colon

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