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I thank everyone who has been providing input into my recent discoveries.
One interesting piece that has not yet been resolved is the fact that all
those ZISELMANs were living in Okolovo, which appears to be about 45 miles
due west of Stare-Borisov where great-grandpa Israel Hirsh ZISELMAN was
born according to his documents. Since I don't have documents showing a
move to Stare-Borisov, I can only assume that Yeruchem moved there when he
married his wife Leah JAFFE.

Also, do people agree with me that *absent* must often refer to being away
on business rather than dead, since death is often referred to explicitly?
Old Mordechai ZISELMAN was *absent* >from the census since 1824, and his son
Shmuel since 1854, even though his son Yeruchem and his wife Esther YUDOVA
were listed in 1858 without mention of Shmuel having died.

Finally, when did census or tax documents begin in the Russian empire? Did
they start only at the beginning of the 19th century?

May everyone have an easy Yom Kippur fast.

David Goldman

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