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Paul Altesman <paltesman@...>

I did research on this at YIVO for a friend and found in their archives two
societies (Landsmanchaften): the Ostrolenker Friendship Society and the
Progressive Young Friends Association later known as the Independent Young
Friends Association. I'll give a brief description of what they have for
both (especially since there may be others interested).

The Ostrolenker Friendship Society seemed to be the more "traditionalist"
(maybe somewhat Orthodox) in membership. YIVO has a membership ledger but
only >from the 1950's on and with only about 30 remaining names. Motifiore
Cemetery in Queens, NY was where they had plots; there is post-war
correspondence >from the cemetery >from about *individual* plots (maybe
another 20 names) and some correspondence >from an insurance company over
death benefits (another 30 names?).

The Progressive Young Friends seemed to have been founded by a "snappier"
crowd with later links to the Jewish Forward. YIVO has their Constitution,
a minutes book, and a 25th Anniversary Journal (p.1937) - all in Yiddish.
The Journal has photos of officers and a membership list of names. There is
also a Membership Directory (with addresses) >from the 1950s (with 70
names??). I did not see cemetery references but I also can not read the
Yiddish anniversary book.

Unfortunately, YIVO's archives are now closed until they open their new
facility (in Feb or March?). For you or others who are interested, you can
contact me off-list, I might be able to put you in touch with people who
know more than me.

I recommend YIVO's archives for anyone who has interests like this -
although one has to be willing to sift through a lot of organizational

Paul Altesman

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