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Does anyone know of any NY cemetery(s) with ground dedicated
to members of a NY landsmanshaftn >from Gorodishche, Ukr.
[49o 17'/31o27'] ?

In Philadelphia., this shtetl's landsmanshaftn is paired with nearby
Olshana/Vilshana [49o13'/31o13'] and has burials in Mt. Carmel
Cemetery. The landsmanshaftn is identified as "Hordisher/Wilshoner" Lodge.

In the book (sorry I cannot recall the name and authors) in which the NY
Landsmanshaftn are identified, Gorodishche is paired with nearby Korsun
[49o26'/31o15'] although the shtetl of Gorodishche is incorrectly identified
[IMHO] as the one in Poland instead of the one near Korsun. Since my
family and many others of the area have origins in both Korsun (now
Korsun-Shevchenkovskij) and Gorodishche, I think this is a reasonable

That said, Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn has dedicated ground for
a landsmanshaftn identified by them as both "Ah Ach An Bog & Coisin"
and "Ah Ach An Bokoslaw Korsin". Both (titles) refer to the towns of
Korsun and Boguslav [49o33'/30o53']. Many of our family also lived in
Boguslav (Boslov). However, these cemetery sections do not not match
the name of the landsmanshaftn in the NY Landsmanshaftn reference book

So, if there is a Gorodishche burial section in any NY cemetery, it may
possibly be paired with any one of the nearby towns.

Any leads will be appreciated.

Lois Sernoff [Phila., PA, USA]

FRIEDMAN >from Beltsy (Bessarabia) Moldova to Phila.
KUSHNER >from Tomashpol & Yampol (Podolia Gub), Russia to Phila.
(Kiev Gub),Russia to Phila.

from Gorodishche (Kiev Gub, Cherkassy d.),Russia to Phila.

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