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Eve Line Blum <blume@...>

from time to time, on the LitvakSIG, we can see abbreviations such as FYI,
or SASE, or ASAP.

Please, could you think of us, poor ignorant foreigners (grin... as would
say our Moderator), who don't always know these acronyms ? I'm beginning to
be used to, after having asked here and there, but many friends of mines
goes on asking me about that special English (or American) coded language...

Moreover, I've read about it in Jewishgen rules (since Jewishgen is hosting
LitvakSIG), #3 Queries and Replies :

3.4 (excerpt)
JewishGen reaches a global audience.Many of your readers do not have
English as >their primary language. [...] The use of slang and
abbreviations are >discouraged. Remember also that many newcomers don't
have a clue as to what >SSDI, LOC, FHL, mean. It is always proper to
clarify an acronym by using a >completely spelled out reference at least
once in your post.
Many thanks in advance for your understanding.

PS : For the ones who don't know about the above abbreviations :
FYI = For Your Information
SASE = Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope
ASAP = As Soon As Possible

Eve Line Blum
Besancon (France)

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