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~Notice to General Membership~

Edward M. Kempner, Jr.
[New Jersey]
November 16, 1987

M. Selling
Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Buffalo
[New York]

Dear Ms. Selling:

In an attempt to trace family lines, I recently wrote
to Avotaynu, The International Review of Jewish

(I am searching four lines with family names of
Kempner, Warner, Tishler and Springer.)

They sent me a list of Jewish genealogical societies
which includes your name.

I have assembled much material about these families,
some of which might interest some of your members.

Not knowing about your Society, I gave printouts of
both genealogies and family histories to
Sister Martin Joseph Jones,
Archives/Special Collections, State University College
at Buffalo, 13000 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, NY 14222
( 878-6304 ) .

Anyone interested can view them at the Butler Library
on that campus.

I also gave much material to Temple Beth Zion, to a man
named Fox, I believe. (Much of my study of the Warner
family included origins of Temple Beth Zion, since my
great grandfather, Leopold Warner, was a founder,
officer and prominent member of that congregation until
his death in 1900.

Born in 1818, he emigrated in 1848 >from Bisenz,
Moravia, Austria - now Bzenic, Czechoslovakia - and,
after a sojourn in Utica, NY, settled in Buffalo in

Though the Temple lost most of its records in the fire,
many are available through the
American Jewish Archives, 3101 Clifton Avenue,
Cincinnati, OH 45220-2488
(Att. Kevin Proffitt, Associate Archivist).
so informed Mr. Fox, who appeared not to know about
this material.

My grandfather Simon Kempner
(married Celia Warner, hence the connection) emigrated
from Gorlitz, Germany (now East Germany) in 1864.

I have no idea as to either the interest any of your
members might have in these families or the possible
help they might be able to give me in my own further

Also, unfortunately, I get to Buffalo only once or
twice a year (though I was born there in 1918 and
attended School 56 and Lafayette High School) - and
just recently returned with my wife >from one of our
infrequent visits.

But if any of your members are interested or think they
might like to engage me in further discourse, I'd
welcome hearing >from them.

In any event, they might like to look over the material
I sent to Sister Martin Joseph or Mr. Fox.

Sincerely yours
~Ed Kempner~
Edward M. Kempner, Jr.

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