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My great-grandparents and all but one of their children immigrated from
Lithuania just before the turn of the century. The name they took here was
ABRAMS but no one knows what their name was originally. Anecdotal history
says that my ggf and two of his children arrived through the port of Boston
and made their way through New England to finally settle in Syracuse. Their
presence in Syracuse is confirmed. The citizenship papers for my ggf and
two of his children states that their port of entry was New York, not
Boston. I have searched through arrivals lists for New York and Boston,
looking for Abrams and similar names (using Soundex), whose ages and sexes
are applicable, without success. Obviously, I may have missed them because
I don't know the name they actually travelled under.

My ggf's one child who did not emigrate to the US was my gf. He bought
papers and took the name of PEKER (to avoid conscription) and became a
mashgiach at the Lomza Yeshiva in Poland and died there in 1911. When his
children (including my mother) came to the US after WWI, they were received
by the Syracuse ABRAMS family and took that name.

I have a copy of my ggf's ketuba, which says that he was married in Aizpute
(Hazenpot) Latvia. I sent the Latvian archives a request to look up the
marriage, giving them the date and names on the ketuba. (The original
family name was not indicated on the ketuba.) The reply >from the Latvian
archivist said that there was no marriage recorded on the date shown on the
ketuba for anyone having the same given names that were shown on the ketuba.

I have sent a request to the Lithuanian Archives for any information they
may have on the marriage of my gf, giving them the date of marriage as
recorded in a wedding announcement that appeared in a Lithuanian newspaper.
The announcement gives the name of the bride's parents, but shows the
groom's parents as his own, rather than as their own. I have not yet
received a reply to this request.

My questions are:

1. What more could I do to find out the original name of the Abrams family?

2. Under what circumstances might an arrival through the port of NY be
interpreted as an arrival through the port of Boston?

3. What else might I do to find the original name of this family?

Hence my question: What would you do next?


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