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Judith Romney Wegner

Walking around the square we found in one doorway with a cut in the masonry,
which by height and angle was obviously where the muzzah (sp?) was placed.
>Howard L. Rosen


Your story was interesting and very moving; thank you for sharing it with us.

In response to your query about the spelling of "muzzah," I just can't
resist quipping: "Wish they were all as E-Z as this one!" In other words
you were missing only those two letters! The correct transliteration
from the original Hebrew is "MEZUZZAH." The word (found several times in
the Bible, but most importantly at Deuteronomy 6:9 and 11:20) originally
meant the "doorpost" itself rather than the device that we attach to it --
but it has come to denote the container with its contents, a tiny parchment
scroll on which are written by hand the two passages >from Deuteronomy that
include the verses cited above, which prescribe the placing of "these
words" on the doorposts of one's house.

While on the subject, there has recently developed an alarming tendency to
double the WRONG "Z" -- thereby misspelling the word as "mezzuzah." This
is not an acceptable spelling, as technical reasons of Hebrew orthography
require doubling the SECOND Z -- and NOT the first one -- hence,
MEZUZZAH. (Anyone who cares to know why, please feel free to e-mail me

Judith Romney Wegner

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