Deek WEILER T/Dievthenal, Germany > USA ca. 1834 #germany

Marian Brown

Does anyone know how to locate records >from a town which
is either spelled Tieventhal or Dieventhal, Germany?

There is an LDS film for a town spelled like this but it was of no help.
Specifically, we are looking for information about the family of Michael WEILER,
from D/Tieventhal, Rheinbayern(Rhenish Bavaria) who emigrated via LeHavre on
7 Dec 1834. He probably lived in Cincinnati.

Can one write to the City Hall of the town? Or specific archives? All
of my own German genealogy was given to me so I have never had to do
research there. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

Marian Brown Cincinnati, OH

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