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I've found an article that my late great uncle, Rabbi Yehuda
Lajb ZLOTNIK (later changed to "AVIDA") wrote: "remnants of Gombin" -
It appeared in "Reshumot" - "collection of Memories, Folklore and Ethnography
in Israel", Third Volume, edited by Y.V.T. Lewinski and Dov Stok,
published by "DVIR" in Palestine 1946, pages 217-229.

Rabbi Yehuda Lajb ZLOTNIK published there an article about the Jewish Community of
Gombin, where he served as a Rabbi in the early twenty century (1911-1919).
He recorded Hassidic stories, folklore legends among which,
the childhood in Gombin of the great Rabbi Gombiner, Abraham
Abele Ben Hayyim Halevi (C1637-1683).
He also wrote in length about the grand unique and old synagogue of Gombin
, founded in 1712 (later burnt by the Nazis right upon occupation, on Yom Kippur
And the most interesting part of it, is that he was afraid that there will
be damage to the old beautiful unique tombstones in the Gombin Cemetery,
which might happen during World War I (!!!). (and what he predicted happened
25 years later but in WWII).

He wrote that Gombin was famous not only for its special, unique grand
synagogue - but also for its matzevot - specially old , decorated
and written with such high literary Hebrew - that were unique in the
whole region.

So he recorded the tombstones, much before IAJGS Cemetery Project existed(...).
He wrote:

"I gave many photographs which were made, to my good friend, the late
rabbi Levi Lewin - Epstein in Warsaw, lover of such valuables and he also
prepared some "glass masters" for the "light-pictures". I don't know the fate of
these photographs and I hope that his descendants who are now in Ereatz Israel
will search them if they still exist, will find a way to publish them or give
them for custody to a proper national institution.

... I shall also add that the transcriptions which I made on Tishaa Be'Av, of
26 antique tombstones in the cemetery of Gombin were given to Schecter Library in
New York".

Please advise me if you know how I may locate the descendants of Levi
Lewin EPSTEIN; did the photographs survive and where and if the Schechter
Library in New York still exists.

Thank you,

Ada Holtzman
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