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Chuck Weinstein <cmw2@...>

Not to belabor the point, but for some types of information, this group
should not be used to replace a good, old-fashioned visit to the
library. There has been much written in the past couple of days about a
train disaster that took place on the east coast during the late 40's
and early 50's. According to my World Almanac (available at any public
library or bookstore for $9.95), there were at least 4 possibilities
between 1947 and 1954. My advice to anyone who wishes to research this
information is to look it up, then go find newspapers in the area of the
crash around the date of the incident for more specific information.

This group posts a lot of messages. For those for whom E-mail is paid
for by the time it takes to download, long digests become expensive and
cumbersome. Let's try to keep the information we seek to the topics
that are not so easy to research. Just my two shekels worth...

Chuck Weinstein in San Mateo, CA

Check the JGFF to see who I am researching.

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