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Paul Altesman <paltesman@...>

The town you must mean is Kolomaya (Kolomayya, Kolomaja). I have just begun
to look into it myself. I know of a Yizkor book that was published and I
guess that is the Yiddish book your cousin has. There hasn't been an
English translation (yet). There might be other relevent books, so far I
know only of a limited entry in the Jewish Encyclopedia, a few photos at
YIVO, and the YIVO archives of Landsmanshaften records. In these records I
saw a list of Kolomaya holocaust survivors (in Polish) and what seemed to be
a 10 page personal report of what happened in Kolomaya during the holocaust
(in German which I do not read).

Even more exciting, the vital records of Kolomaya have now been identified
and I believe are largely intact! They are mostly in Warsaw (see Miriam
Weiner's book and the Kronik and Sack book published by Avatonu). Has
anyone had success in getting access to these files? Does anyone know of a
reliable researcher in Warsaw who can read German? Are there other
materials out there?

The time seems ripe to organize a shetl group for Kolomaya. I personally
can't coordinate it (although I could help). Is there enough interest?

Paul Altesman

ZOLONDZ/ZOLADZ in Maly Plock and Lomze
KOSSLOWICZ in Lomze and Kolno
KAROLICKI in Warsaw and Grodno Gubernia
RAMLER in Kolomaya and Chernovitsy

Elaine Lyon wrote:
A cousin of mine who lives in Israel has asked me to find a book

written in English on the town/people of Kolemeja ...

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