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This is my first discussion group message so please be gentle with me.

I have listed these searches on Family Finder so I'm not sure about the
protocol of doing it here but it seems to be acceptable. So here goes.

I am searching for information/contacts etc regarding my family.
Principal names are my father's side: SZCZECINIARZ (Jankiel/Yankel) and
my mother's STOLIK(Shayndel/Szjandel). The families came >from LUBLIN,

My parents escaped to Russia during the war, the remainder of the
families died most probably in Belzec except for a half brother of my
mother's who got to France. I met him (Icek STOLIK) in 1968 but have
lost contact with the family there even though I have searched the
French telephone directories. A nephew of my father's. Menashe
SZCZECINIARZ, made it to Israel and was found by my parents in 1975. He
has since died and I have lost contact with his family.

Our diminished family (my parents, my brother Chaim and myself) migrated
to Australia in 1950. My parents have died and typically, I am now
interested in my family history when there is noone left to ask!

In my research and contacts with JewishGen so far I have had no response
to my searches for the names or towns listed. Is there anyone out there
who might be of help?

Rita Nash
aka Rivke Szczeciniarz

from the Antopides/Down Under/Oz

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