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Richard Tasgal wrote:

Judith Romney Wegner <jrw@...> writes:


If the deceased had been a rabbi, it would have said H-R-V (HaRav, lit.
"the Rabbi") followed by his name.
In my searching I have come across (albeit in a book rather than a grave
stone), for a rabbi, the abbreviation R"R, for "Rav Reb."

As an aside, the usage of Reb strikes me as being very similar to the
Polish Pan or Pani ...

Use of R' on tombstones tends to be restricted (a least in Orthodox
minchag here in New Zealand) to indicate someone who had high moral
stature in the community, and is directed to be written on the stone
by direction of the rabbi -- not by the family of the deceased.

Alan Torrance
New Zealand

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