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I had an unexpected communication >from a French (Alsatian--non-Jewish) contact

<<Until the beginn of the 19th century, an analog tradition is related for
Jewish families in wich most of the boys were named Suesslein/Suessel,
or Hirsch, often both. >>

My earliest known ancestor (forgetting Adam and Eve<g>) was Suessel (ben)
Hirsch of Frensdorf, Bavaria (near Bamberg), born ca 1645. Suessel's children
all were known by their patronymic, Suesslein. Hirsch is assumed not to have
been born in Frensdorf but to have migrated there >from further west.

My follow-up enquiry brought me:

<<About the Hirsch and Suesslein families, I have very little details. I
hold my information >from my notes about my conversations many years ago
with my Jewish friend G. Rueff. He was very religious and has been until
his dead, my referent by questions belonging to the history of our
Jewish Alsacians. In the Hirsch and Suesslein context, he spoke from
Heilbronn and Frankfurt/Main, but not >from Bavaria (or I have it not
recorded and cannot remember...).>>

I have never heard of this Hirsch-Suessel connection. All three cities
mentioned by Rueff, were within the region in which my family dwelled, married
into, or moved to (Weissenburg actually is in Bavaria--not too far from
Nurnberg where I was born).

Does anyone have a Hirsch-Suessel pattern in his/her family? Is that really a
common pattern (I'd never heard of it)? Does anyone know more about G. Rueff
(he used to be a radio ham--that's about all I know), where he lived etc.?

Thanks for all advice or suggestions.

Michael Bernet

BERNET, BERNAT, BAERNET etc >from Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg, (Bavaria)
KONIGSHOFER: Welbhausen, Konigshofen, Furth (S. Germany)
ALTMANN: Kattowitz, Breslau, Poznan, Beuthen--Upper Silesia/Poland
WOLF(F): Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Furth, Yugoslavia, Westchester

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