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Although Michael Bernet asked for a private response to his
below inquiry, I'm addressing it to the group because I too
have seen wonderful offers:




I have used some products and have found them useful but
on a limited basis. Many of the family trees shown are 95% of
gentile families but occasionally one can be of great help.

Broderbund's World Family tree saved me hours of work by giving
me a distant cousin's tree that I uploaded into my program. At
the time I didn't know the cousin and a copy via Gedcom was not
therefore possible.

Recently I received a long list of Broderbund CD disks covering
everything >from State census to birth, death & marriage
records, Civil War etc. Other than the war records, each
edition was for part of a state, a full state or a group of

Unless one's research is very regional, this type of thing is
not for everyone, but using such methods and lists can be a
short cut to the arduous time searching the records directly.
The problem is the cost to individual members.

Licensing restrictions stop a Society or a large group >from
buying these without proper authorization. Please understand
that I'm not suggesting illegal methods but an item can
sometimes be purchased in one person's name and then shared by
interested parties (except when specifically outlawed by the
licensing agreement). Many licensing agreements allow for
sharing of data as long as only one family controls the
physical disk. However this type must always be done privately.

If any other member would be also interested in, legally,
looking into these possible search mediums, please contact me

Best regards,

Steve Cohen

PS: I am researching the following families:

BAUM Germany:Bosen; EISENKRAMER & LEFEVRE Germany:Rhineland Palatine, BASIST/BASSIST/BAKSZT/BAKECH: Belarus:Lida District;
COHEN formerly SHEINHOUSE: Belarus:Radoshkovichi, Molodechno; BIRNBAUM, GOLDBERG, LEINKRAM Poland: Krakow; GELLER:Poland: Mielec; KREINDLER: Poland: ALL; LEINKRAM:Ireland & England; SCHNEPS/SHNEPS:Poland: Debica
formerly Dembitz & Tarnow

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