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Ray/Lee White <zeppo@...>

I have a book called Rashi in the Jewisk Thinkers series.
You may find that of some help.
Author is Chaim Pearl, general Editor is Arthur Hertzberg.
Published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson (London)1988 ISBN
No is 1 87001 509 6

Ray/Lee White

Moshe Wolf wrote:
Where I can found the roots or the descendants of:
RASHI (R Shlomo Yizhaki)
BACH (R Yoel Sirkish)
The MAHARAM >from Padowa (R Meir Katsenelboigen)
The MAHARAL >from Prague (R Yehuda Liva).
Can I find this details on the Net?
MODERATOR NOTE: Commercial source deleted

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