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Re:Street Maps of Kolbuszowa/Kolbusuv (Rzeszow region-Galicia/Poland)
& Sanok (Krosno region-Galicia/Poland)

To the entire JewishGen Group:

I'm interested in rebuilding the cemeteries of these 2 cities in Galicia
(today Poland). I paid about for a private researching company to search
the National Archives for aerial photos (I'm searching for the Ohel in
these cities). They found Aerial Films of both cities that the German army
made right before bombing [target Shots] (very close one's we can see
railroads & trees). What I need now is Street map of both cities to locate
the cemeteries, so I know where to make the blowups.

I'm also interested in anything to do with these cities (especially

lease send to my e-mail address

Thanks in advance
Michael Frankel

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