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Sandra Lilienthal has asked whether one can search for family buried in
the Lodz, Poland cemetery without actually being there. Here is one way.
Write to:
Mr. Symcha Keller
Jewish Community Office
78 Zachodnia str.
Lodz 90-725
Enclose a postal reply coupon. Mr. Keller is the Secretary of the Jewish
Community of Lodz. He has a large card file of, one hopes, all the burials
in the large cemetery now in use. He told me a little over a year ago that
they are slowly entering the data into computer-readable files. Each card
gives at least the name of the person, his or her last address, and the
location of the grave. He, as well as the caretaker at the cemetery itself,
has a large chart of th graves. The farther you make your way into the
cemetery, the more like a jungle it is.
If Mr. Keller can help you, it would be nice to send the Jewish
Community of Lodz a gift. It has many needs. Dolar check can be accepted.

Arthur S. Abramson
Mansfield, Connecticut, U.S.A.,

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