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This is >from the letterhead on a letter sent by my ggf in 1936, he was from
Frankfurt AM.
Under his name, it says "kohlen-vertretungen". Vertretungen translates as
agencies and kohlen as coals, does anyone know what the two together mean?
Is it the name of a company? Was there an official "Coal Agency" or
The line under that says "Fernsprecher: Spessart 66314" Spessart 66314 is
the phone number but I could not find a definition for "Fernsprecher"
I did post this on Jewishgen translations but received no response.

Thanks for any assistance,

Elissa Peskay
Mpls, MN

Searching: Kwalwasser (Lvov) - Kwal (France), Kahn (Frankfurt AM), Pesky (?)

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