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Debbie Raff <seraff@...>

In an earlier post someone asked if it was possible to search for
family buried in Lodz, Poland without actually being there.

One response was to contact a Mr. Symcha Keller. That person included
an address. I have just been informed by a source that the address
on Zachodnia Street is not accurate. The updated information sent to
me appears below.
Debbie Raff

The Jewish Comm. moved to its pre-war residence.

New address:
ul. Pomorska 18
Lodz (I don't know the postal code)

Another possibility is to write to the Society of Former Residents
of Lodz in Israel, or better: to do both, because the information
may differ (due to balagan, chaos).
Eliezer Zyskind
4 David Yellin St.
Tel Aviv 62964

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